The Chant

The Chant is our Monthly Newsletter where you will find detailed information about things we've done and upcoming activities.

01~ 6:30pm Eucharist 02~ 6pm Bridge Group 04~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s  9am Pet Partners 05~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School 07~ 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 08~ 1pm Watercrest Mass  6:30pm Eucharist 09~ 6pm Bridge Group 11~ 9am St. Clara’s Guild 12~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School 14~ 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 15~ 6:30pm Eucharist 16~ 6pm Bridge Group 18~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s 19~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School 21~ 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 22~ 1pm Watercrest Mass  6:30pm Eucharist 23~ 6pm Bridge Group  24~ 5:30pm Christmas Eve Eucharist 25~ 10am Christmas Day Eucharist 26~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School  Children’s Sermon  Canned Meat Drive 28~ 9:30am Women’s Bible Study 29~6:30pm Eucharist 30~6pm Bridge Group 31~ Office Closed

03~ All Souls Day Mass 

04~ 6pm Bridge Group 

06~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s  9am Pet Partners 

07~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School 

10~ 1pm Watercrest Mass  6:30pm Eucharist 

11~ Veterans Day  6pm Bridge Group 

14~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School 

17~ 6:30pm Eucharist 

18~ 6pm Bridge Group 

20~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s  10am DHC Meeting 

21~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School  Diaper Drive 

24~ 1pm Watercrest Mass  6:30pm Eucharist 


27~ Greening of the Church  11am Heinz Healing Ministry 

28~ 9am Eucharist  10am Sunday School  Children’s Sermon  Canned Meat Drive

02~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s

03~ 9am Eucharist

10am Sunday School

06~ 1pm Watercrest Mass

6:30pm Eucharist

09~ 9am Pet Partners

10~ 9am Eucharist

10 Sunday School & Sunday Delights

13~ 6:30pm Eucharist

16~ 8am Men’s Group @ Rosa’s

10am Daughters of The Holy Cross

17~9am Eucharist

10am Sunday School

20~ 9am St. Clara’s Guild

1pm Watercrest Mass

6:30pm Eucharist

21~ Parish Hall Painting

22~ Parish Hall Painting

23~ 11am Heinz Healing Ministry

24~ 9am Eucharist – Children’s Sermon

10am Sunday School

Canned Meat Drive

27~6:30pm Eucharist

30~ Bishop’s Sporting Clay

31~ 9am Eucharist

10am Fall Festival